“A poet is not a cable car.”

– Jack Spicer

Dispatches June (very late June – actually July) Contents Upload

Gentle Readers:

As you may have guessed by now, Dispatches’ much vaunted June release encountered unforeseen obstacles. We are not talking simple age and exhaustion here. What’s our excuse? Make that plural. We’ve been working on several good ones which, notwithstanding the dog-ate-our-micro-SD-card air to it all, all have the ring of truth – the real one, not the alternate one – about them. We were immersed in the first months of this year in coordinating, editing, and producing the massive anthology, Resist Much/Obey Little: Inaugural Poems to the Resistance, published by Spuyten Duyvil Press under our new Dispatches Editions imprint. That occupied us for quite a while.

After that, we are not sure why, we decided to overhaul of our site design, reveling in the knowledge of the ease and efficiency of technology and all the ways it makes our lives better. After a series of developments prophesied in the Cherokee/African story of Hare/Anansi/Br’er Rabbits’ encounter with the Tar Baby, we finally emerged muttering in garbled counterpoint some nonsense about getting killed or getting stronger and what the hell was that. You could say it proved to be more . . . challenging . . . than we’d anticipated. Forgive us. We are, after all, old, doing the best we can with our shriveling resources. Thank you for bearing with us.

The new site is a work in progress. Our long term goal is integrate the two sites, but for the time being we have to settle with keeping both active and interlinked. All the publications at Dispatches 1 are still there, intact and available. Just click the name at the top of the new home page. Eventually we will bring them over, but it’s going to take a while given the obtuseness of technology. Please note that the pdf viewer allows you to download the documents to a full page view if you wish to do so. We will be continuing to refine the index, which is now augmented with a search engine. A real search engine. A 450 hp, overhead cam, dual exhaust search engine with chromed headers and a supercharger. And if you know what that means you are a) probably (though not necessarily) a boy, 2) really bloody old, and 3) know the words to “Little Deuce Coupe.”

Regardless of our now sophisticated, refined, urbane look and manner, we remain the same old kick-ass, threadbare pirate utopia we have (hopefully) been from the start. As old activists from the even older days, we are sometimes compelled to ejaculate slogans, especially when somewhat punchy from having gone toe to toe with technology.

So, in the spirit of solidarity, raise your fists and chant along with us.

Down with avant poetry’s disgusting institutional complicity!

Long live poetic autonomous zones!

Death to the nasty cultural border guards and their running dog poets!

We promise some serious misbehavior to come, at least in so far as we can reasonably misbehave without risking a heart attack.

Check out the multifarious treasures here. And stay tuned as we post on an almost daily basis – as the mafia-linked grifter Administration falls apart.


 Dispatches from the Poetry Wars – where the claim of reason meets its match . . .

Dispatches June Update

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With Frederick Seidel, near the Matterhorn, in 2020, by Kent Johnson

Edward Sanders  – For Jack Collom

Pierre Joris – a quick morning eclipse poem

The Eschaton: Resurrection of the Body (to clear N.O. Brown), by John Clarke

Omar Al-Nakib –Toddler quatrains

Omar Al-Nakib – Toddler Quatrains Second & Third Bunch

Michael Basinski – TUB BUNNY

Michael Boughn – from “Etiquette lesson #1: Possible responses to improper uncertain advances,”  Chapter 2 from The Book of Uncertain, A Manual

Peter Boyle – excerpts from Wings

Laynie Browne – from Intaglio Daughters

Michael Bylebyl – 2 Poems

Maxine Chernoff – Noli mi tangere

Jon Curley – 80 Theses in the Direction of a Milestone Birthday Anniversary

Rachel Blau DuPlessis – Storyboard 1, 4, 6, 11

Amy Evans – life had stood

Norman Finkelstein – Video

Susan Gevirtz – from Wind

Robert Gibbons – Such Signs for Primitive Man & Woman

I Goldfarb – Celtiques

Larry Goodell – Poet Power

Gene Grabiner – 4 Poems

Gabriel Gudding – Bed from Government

Matt Hill – 4 sonnets

Kent Johnson – Dumb Subcultural Rhymes

George Kalamaras – 3 poems

Eliot Katz – Donald Doesn’t Like to Hear No

Jose Kozer – 5 poems, tr. Peter Boyle

Barbara Laiolo-March – A Portfolio of Poems from Here Is a Woman

Rick London – Arrhythmia

Steve Manuel – 3 poems

Nicole Markotic – 2 poems

Robert Podgurski – 2 poems

Tina Posner – 2 poems

George Quasha – polypoikilos: matrix in variance – preverbs

Brian Richards – poems

Kit Robinson – 2 poems

John Ronan – The Lesson

Bradley Shubat, Dining on Porcupine

Irene Sipos, Inauguration 2017

Austin Smith – Alternative Facts about the State of Illinois

Andre Spears – Ship of Fools 2

Eileen Tabios – 5 poems

Ed Taylor – 3 poems from The City of No Illusions

Ken Taylor – 3 poems

Lisa Vihos – 4 poems

andrew whiteman – poem

Bänoo Zan – 5 poems

Dan Zimmerman –
A Taxonomy of Alternate Facts;
3 Poems

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