“Dans la poésie c’est toujours la guerre.”

– Osip Mandelstam

“A poet is not a cable car.”

– Jack Spicer


Susan Lewis at BAP

Dispatches contributor Susan Lewis has a terrific guest blog going at Best American Poetry. Check out her reviews of Charles Borkhuis and Michael Palmer. Also coming up, responses to Tongo Eisen-Martin and Eleni Sikelianos, plus a post with guest-of-the-guest...

It’s Been So Beautiful

"It’s Been So Beautiful": Tracy K. Smith, on her first trip abroad as U.S. Poet Laureate. Where? Why, to the favorite destination of trend-setting, human-rights-loving U.S. poets: China! Where she gave a feature reading, after participating with U.S. poets John Yau...

New book by Lewis Warsh

We urge Dispatches readers to seek out this new and important book from Dispatches contributor Lewis Warsh, published by the venerable Station Hill Press. OUT OF THE QUESTION (Selected Poems 1963-2003) available through Small Press Distribution (SPD)...

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Omar Al-Nakib – “Toddler Quatrains 4th & 5th Batch”; Shiva

Manuel Becerra – 2 poems, Kristin Dykstra tr.

Mohammed Bemmis – Language, tr. Pierre Joris

James Berger – Oh that story (for John Ashbery in a Bucket of Phonemes)

Michael Boughn – The Book of Uncertain, A Manual – from Chapter 5: Taxonomies of Uncertain

Sheldon Lee Compton – 4 poems

MTC Cronin – from God Is Waiting in the World’s Yard

Andrew Dubois – from He We Her

Rachel Blau DuPlessis – “from the car”

Clayton Eshleman – Pollen Aria

Amy Evans – “antifa-la-la: songs against statues”

I Goldfarb – from Commedia

Clive Gresswell – 2 poems

Whit Griffin – from The Great Practice

Penelope Gristlefink – Rupert Murdoch Teaches His Grandson Long Division

Michael Harman – poem, for Ashbery

Aidan Healey – Ed Marshall’s Flight

Jeanne Heuving – 5 poems

Colin James – The Decline of Sea World, Circuses and Homosexual Metaphors

Kent Johnson – With Frederick Seidel, near the Matterhorn, in 2020; Poetry Will Save Your Life

Ruth Lepson – 4 poems; Dear John Ashbery

Susan Lewis – Drumming

Steve Manuel – 9 poems

Garry Thomas Morse – Bones of the Last Bison

Brian Ng – Nine Songs Counterfeit

David E. Patton – Conclusion of Tension in Construct Field of Object of Recognition Like 3/3 Dead

Craig Santos Perez – 2 poems

Tina Posner – 6 poems

Peter Quartermain – You Know

Richard Rathwell – 2 Poems

John Rigney – Anselm Hollow Tribute Band

Dominique Russell – Plath Variations

Joe Safdie – Eclipse

Gerard Sarnat – 4 Poems

Jared Schickling – 4 poems

Hugh Seidman – 6 poems

André Spears – Ship of State 4

Chris Stroffolino – For My 11 Year old Niece on Inauguration Day (2017)

Dan Zimmerman – 2 poems