“Dans la poésie c’est toujours la guerre.”

– Osip Mandelstam

“A poet is not a cable car.”

– Jack Spicer

Anne Waldman “Summoning Eclipse for Joanne Kyger”

Her whisper/her clarity/the emerald light of/ mind/



Xi Penn to Dispatches, 26 November 2017

尊敬的Kent Johnson, Michael Boughn: 余見聞絀作《與張強一起俯瞰張岭大潮》英譯刊登於貴 雜誌《詩詞急件》,特意附上原文便作參考。       敬祝 鈞安 詩人  彭玺敬上 二零一七年十一月二十六日 ** 與張強一起俯瞰張岭大潮 朦朧的太陽懸掛在煙霧瀰漫的空氣中。 來自大鐵膛的高潮咆哮。 DNC的詩歌征服綠帽。 主線和先鋒權力交涉 行政文化中心。 詩歌基金會是國家的迷宮 和公司通道;分支 蓋地底數百里。 兩年在長安一個小官 作羅伯特·克里利的私人秘書 我看夠了公案和陰謀。 現在從清晰的山峰驅趕到這裡...

New from Chicago Review

FIELDWORKS plus PRINT ARTS, POETICS & DIGITAL CULTURE  Chicago Review 60:4/61:1 Chicago, IL – November 21, 2017 – The new issue of Chicago Review boasts two special sections: a dossier on international folklore and proletarian culture, and a pair of essays by two...

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Omar Al-Nakib – “Toddler Quatrains 4th & 5th Batch”; Shiva

Manuel Becerra – 2 poems, Kristin Dykstra tr.

Mohammed Bemmis – Language, tr. Pierre Joris

James Berger – Oh that story (for John Ashbery in a Bucket of Phonemes)

Michael Boughn – The Book of Uncertain, A Manual – from Chapter 5: Taxonomies of Uncertain

Sheldon Lee Compton – 4 poems

MTC Cronin – from God Is Waiting in the World’s Yard

Andrew Dubois – from He We Her

Rachel Blau DuPlessis – “from the car”

Clayton Eshleman – Pollen Aria

Amy Evans – “antifa-la-la: songs against statues”

I Goldfarb – from Commedia

Clive Gresswell – 2 poems

Whit Griffin – from The Great Practice

Penelope Gristlefink – Rupert Murdoch Teaches His Grandson Long Division

Michael Harman – poem, for Ashbery

Aidan Healey – Ed Marshall’s Flight

Jeanne Heuving – 5 poems

Colin James – The Decline of Sea World, Circuses and Homosexual Metaphors

Kent Johnson – With Frederick Seidel, near the Matterhorn, in 2020; Poetry Will Save Your Life

Ruth Lepson – 4 poems; Dear John Ashbery

Susan Lewis – Drumming

Steve Manuel – 9 poems

Garry Thomas Morse – Bones of the Last Bison

Brian Ng – Nine Songs Counterfeit

David E. Patton – Conclusion of Tension in Construct Field of Object of Recognition Like 3/3 Dead

Craig Santos Perez – 2 poems

Tina Posner – 6 poems

Peter Quartermain – You Know

Richard Rathwell – 2 Poems

John Rigney – Anselm Hollow Tribute Band

Dominique Russell – Plath Variations

Joe Safdie – Eclipse

Gerard Sarnat – 4 Poems

Jared Schickling – 4 poems

Hugh Seidman – 6 poems

André Spears – Ship of State 4

Chris Stroffolino – For My 11 Year old Niece on Inauguration Day (2017)

Dan Zimmerman – 2 poems