“A poet is not a cable car.”

– Jack Spicer

Dispatches from the Poetry Wars is happy to be back with good tidings, new revelations, and wonders galore. It has been a harrowing summer for the Dispatches editors, including a cross-country move by one, and the acquisition of a dog by the other.  The western fish seem to have heard about Kent’s move and conspired accordingly to evade his most intricate lures and stratagems and even gone so far as to conspire with the river rocks to disable his pescocidal drives – tho late breaking news indicates he may have caught a couple of big ones. Mike, meanwhile, has become obsessed with the politics of the dog park and spends his mornings and evenings with Case, a Chuckit, and a ball, surreptitiously studying the mating rituals of dogs and dog owners in leash free zones, while constructing dog palaces in his spare time.

But rest assured that has not stopped them from assembling another incredible collection of amazing work by the astonishing, ever growing TAZ of Dispatches contributors. Among the other delights that await you in this October surprise are Commentary by Peter Anastas on On the Road Sixty Years Later; Michael Basinski, Randy Prus, and Michael Boughn on John Clarke; Clayton Eshleman on Bud Powell & Improvisation; jj/hastain’s creative engagement with Petra Kuppers’ Pearl Stitch; Lisa Jarnot’s excerpt from  A Poet’s Guide to the End of the World; Pierre Joris reading Clayton Eshelman; David Lau interviewed by David Buuck; Erín Moure’s translation Of Stubborn Dreams: The Poetics of Uxío Novoneyra; Matthias Regan on Gene Tanta’s paintings; John Rigney on George Quasha; Joe Safdie’s continuing defense of satire; Bob Arnold’s tribute to Janine Pommy Vega; Dispatches including graphemes  galore from Nico Vassilikis and Judith Copithorne; paintings from Gene Tanta; Joe Napora’s tribute to Karl Young; Documents including abundant photos from L’Affair Pataphysique (Toronto, 1985); more myth bibliographies from John Clarke’s myth course; Charles Olson’s letter to his nephew on Billy Budd; Virtual Chapbooks from Daniel Remein and Joe Safdie; Fiction from Bruce Comens and Francis Levy; Videos from Andrés Ajens, andrew whiteman and Sonic Poetry, and David  “Uncle Dave” Patton; and more excellent, non-plagiarized Poetry than you can shake a stick at from Omar Al-Nakib, Manuel Becerra (tr. Kristin Dykstra), Mohammed Bemmis (tr. Pierre Joris), James Berger, MTC Cronin, Andrew Dubois, Rachel Blau DuPlessis, Clayton Eshleman, Amy Evans, I Goldfarb, Jeanne Heuving, Susan Lewis, Steve Manuel, Garry Thomas Morse, Brian Ng, David E. Patton, Craig Santos Perez, Peter Quartermain, Hugh Seidman, André Spears, Chris Stroffolino and many many more.

Plus for your extra added reading pleasure features you will find nowhere else in the poetic universe, Emily Post-Avant’s etiquette advice for poets, Justice Poeticus’ mini-reviews, and our One-Sentence Review Series by rotating authors (please feel free to contribute)! Please note, some items now allow for comments.

So fasten your seat belt, batten down the hatches, and get ready for another awe-inspiring, thrill-packed ride from Dispatches from the Poetry Wars, where an apple a day is just another herpetological gnosis seduction.


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Omar Al-Nakib – “Toddler Quatrains 4th & 5th Batch”; Shiva

Manuel Becerra – 2 poems, Kristin Dykstra tr.

Mohammed Bemmis – Language, tr. Pierre Joris

James Berger – Oh that story (for John Ashbery in a Bucket of Phonemes)

Michael Boughn – The Book of Uncertain, A Manual – from Chapter 5: Taxonomies of Uncertain

Sheldon Lee Compton – 4 poems

MTC Cronin – from God Is Waiting in the World’s Yard

Andrew Dubois – from He We Her

Rachel Blau DuPlessis – “from the car”

Clayton Eshleman – Pollen Aria

Amy Evans – “antifa-la-la: songs against statues”

I Goldfarb – from Commedia

Clive Gresswell – 2 poems

Whit Griffin – from The Great Practice

Penelope Gristlefink – Rupert Murdoch Teaches His Grandson Long Division

Michael Harman – poem, for Ashbery

Aidan Healey – Ed Marshall’s Flight

Jeanne Heuving – 5 poems

Colin James – The Decline of Sea World, Circuses and Homosexual Metaphors

Kent Johnson – With Frederick Seidel, near the Matterhorn, in 2020; Poetry Will Save Your Life

Ruth Lepson – 4 poems; Dear John Ashbery

Susan Lewis – Drumming

Steve Manuel – 9 poems

Garry Thomas Morse – Bones of the Last Bison

Brian Ng – Nine Songs Counterfeit

David E. Patton – Conclusion of Tension in Construct Field of Object of Recognition Like 3/3 Dead

Craig Santos Perez – 2 poems

Tina Posner – 6 poems

Peter Quartermain – You Know

Richard Rathwell – 2 Poems

John Rigney – Anselm Hollow Tribute Band

Dominique Russell – Plath Variations

Joe Safdie – Eclipse

Gerard Sarnat – 4 Poems

Jared Schickling – 4 poems

Hugh Seidman – 6 poems

André Spears – Ship of State 4

Chris Stroffolino – For My 11 Year old Niece on Inauguration Day (2017)

Dan Zimmerman – 2 poems